Greenwood Estate: The Reality, Odds n Ends

I quickly realized that this house had a lot of bedrooms, clocks, musical instruments, ceramics, books, stairs etc. It was as I mentioned in an earlier post self-contained. It had everything to entertain and was a work office. It commanded a 360 view of its sugar fields and wharf below (perhaps for security reasons) where its sugar was shipped and luxury items were imported.


Photo 1: The view of Falmouth

This post is a round-up of the tour and my thoughts on what I observed.

I must say I was awed by the opulence of the house and its luxurious furnishings, the then owners did not suffer for anything. I remember clearly that within a room there could be as many as three (3) Persian rugs on the floor!

It is indeed quite easy while on a tour of greathouses to forget their real heritage, which is that of oppressive capitalism, subjugation of blacks and a status quo which even today in Jamaica we are grappling with.


Photo 2 showing a framed advertisement for a reward for the recapture of a runaway slave called, Mary Gold. 


Photo 3 metal clamp to snag & maim runaway slaves.


Photo 4 showing some of the various currencies in circulation


Photo 5 showing a machine used by workers to ‘clock in’ at work. It still works and gives a piece of paper with the time punched into it.


Photo 6 of the guardian of the house located on the main entrance (owl) while photo 7 shows a fish doorknob.


Photo 8 of us leaving with owner/tour guide at far right



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