Greenwood Estate: Functional Items

Houses back then were really self-contained. Photos 1 shows the instructions on how to use small hand-pump fire engine while photos 2-3 are of fire engines.


Photo 4 machine used to ‘clock in’ labourers, it prints out a time ticket & still works.

Photo 5 water filter attached to gutters from the roof and charcoal to purify water.


Photo 6 horse drawn fire engine.


Photo 7 large iron domestic water tank.


Photo 8 a black carriage hearse along with a regular carriage in the ‘garage’


Photo 10 sun dial


Photo 11 barber’s chair


Photo 12 & 13 a chair occupying that library that doubles as a step-ladder


Photo 14 a loom for weaving cloth.

Photo 15 a game


Photo 16 Jester’s chair with monarch painting in background.


Photo 17 two of the time pieces seen


Photo 18 a food trolley/serving cart seen on the balcony


Photo 19 bindery/printing press


Feel free to improve this blog post by commenting the names, descriptions or use of the items photographed. Thank you!

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