Greenwood Estate: Furnishings & Rooms

Some of these items are really luxurious even to me visiting in 2014. Please enjoy, I particularly liked the bedroom sets & the cradle.

Interposed in the photographs (but are not mentioned) are quite a few time pieces, end tables, authentic paintings, chest of drawers, mirrors, recreational items (chess board & blizzard table) and lighting that were not given their own category.

Photos 1-5: Bedrooms



Photo 6: Drawing room


Photos 7-15: Chairs


Photos 16-18: Dining rooms


Photo 19: Antique piece supposedly a letter desk, I was told that it is very expensive & one of the only remaining relics


Photos 20-21: Bookcases


Feel free to improve this blog post by commenting the names, descriptions or use of the musical instruments photographed. Thank you!

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