Bowden Wharf & United Fruit Co.

Lorenzo Dow Barker, a sailor, bought his first shipment of bananas in 1870 from Portland, Jamaica which he sold overseas he then established the lucrative banana trade. Bananas where then referred to as “Green Gold”. Banana became king taking over from sugar, revitalizing a stagnated economy. His company  known as the United Fruit Company had a renowned reputation  throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for paying ‘dollar wages’ to labourers. During the period when the trade prospered it brought life to sections of the island never before exploited economically such as parts of St Mary, Portland and St Thomas. These areas have since experienced a relapse. The wharf is currently used by Jamaica Defense Force (J.D.F.) coastguards protecting coastal waters.


Photo 1: This structure could have been a counting house when the bananas were checked before they were loaded onto the boats.


Photo 2: A close up showing the company’s initials


Photo 3: Derelict wharf photographed in 2015


Photo 4: Anchor for ships


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