Morant Bay Courthouse & Fort

This fort was built around 1758 and it overlooks the harbour. It was originally designed to house nine (9) cannons and a barracks which was later dismantled and its stones are thought to be used to construct the courthouse.

Archaeological excavations in 1965 unearthed seventy nine (79) skeletons under its wall, thought to be the executed labourers of the Morant Bay 1865 rebellion. They were reburied in a mass grave and a memorial erected for all four hundred and thirty seven (437) victims on said property. I personally do not think it was a good idea to rebury the labourers on the site where many of them were publicly hanged. The fort still has about three (3) cannons. It is also located directly behind the courthouse, both of which abuts the sea.


Photo 1 shows the truncated memorial to the fore for the executed labourers, photo 2 shows two canons and photo 3 the Caribbean Sea abutting the fort.

The Morant Bay Courthouse is the sight of the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865. It was also the court that handed down the sentences to the ex-slaves, that saw many of them being hanged. These labourers were protesting the poor social and economic conditions of the colony. It was destroyed by fire in 2007, I am unsure as to when it was built. The white structure (behind the girl) used to be where the statue of National Hero Paul Bogle was situated.


Photo 4 Morant Bay Courthouse


Photo 5 some derelict structures on the property



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2 thoughts on “Morant Bay Courthouse & Fort

  1. We are waiting too long now !!! Paul Bogle Statue must put back in its right place. We were visiting August 6 , 2019. Looking around did not see his Statue up ! With out it … the place look fake the Courthouse need to put back in its right order. It’s good yall gonna build up down by the old Goodyear but, the statue must put back in place . Make a Arch over head with parklike sitting tourist or visitors information Centre. So we all can look back and know.


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