Christ Church, Port Antonio

Portland Parish Church (Christ Church) was designed in the neo-Romanesque style by English architect, Annesley Voysey and was completed around 1840. He died before the construction was complete. Christ Church was severely damaged in a 1903 hurricane, restored around 1911 and still stands today on a little hill overlooking both the sea and its town.


Photo 1: Christ Church, Portland, Jamaica


Photo 3: Sign outside of Christ Church with brief history


Photo 4: View down the centre aisle of the church showing pews (a modern addition to churches) on both sides.  Notice the beautiful stained glass at the front? Of note is the pulpit from which sermons are preached, a western addition to the church (left) and the lectern (right). The lectern is of solid gold and normally takes the form of a fearsome bird of prey, this is where the Bible rests for reading. Behind the lectern to the  wall is the church organ, an expensive instrument. The chancel step normally separate the pews from the holier parts of the church namely the chancel and altar.


Photo 5:  Monument to Elizabeth Prince who died June 21st 1792 mounted on the church walls by her husband.


Photo 6: Monument to Charles Bryan who died July 23, 1810, a representative of the House of Assembly of Portland, chief justice and an estate owner. Notice a sword, axe and other tools in his monument?


Photo 7: Monument to Annesley Voysey who died August 5th 1839, architect of Christ Church, quite a laborious reading…


Photo 8: A better view of the lectern, chancel step and organ. Christ church which is quite young (being built in 1830s) does not have the rod separating the chancel from the pews as in earlier churches. In this photo the choir pews can be seen.



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