Fakes, Port Antonio, Portland

I am a huge believer in conserving and restoring historic buildings; one way of conserving them is to use them for low impact functions as in the photo below. This Georgian structure of which I know very little of is being used to house a bank.

Photo 1- front view


Photo 2- side view. Georgian structures are known for their balconies, bountiful sash windows and intricate fretwork designs.


Village of St. George in Downtown Port Antonio, one of the big fakes of Portland. I thought this was a genuine historic structure only to find out it was built between 1995 1997, a tribute to European architecture. It consists of Georgian, Gothic, Tudor and art deco architectural styles. It however still is quite unique and eye-catching.

Photo 3- Village of St George (view from Errol Flynn Marina)


Photo 4- Village of St George (posterior)


Photo 5- back view of structure with griffins decorating the staircase. It currently houses several high end boutiques.


Another big fake is this six (6) bedroom building that was built in the 1980s by architect Earl Levy in Austrian Baroque style.  It is privately owned and is used for weddings and other functions. Baroness Fahmi of Germany commissioned Trident Castle and the Village of St George.

Photo 6- Trident Castle


Port Antonio does have a lot of authentic historic structures that you can visit, not to be confused with the fakes that were probably built to match the predominant streetscape of the town.



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