Kool it down… It’s Summer

Everywhere we are feeling the high temperatures- at home, at work and especially on the road. Yep the summer is on.

I myself regularly scan Google for cheap, not too distant places to go and cool down. I’m a river lover but I know there are a lot of beach and pool lovers so I’ve got you guys covered.

I recently hit some spots so I’ll just post for you….hopefully it comes up in your Google search results.


Flavours Beach

Location: Runaway Bay, St Ann

Price: $$

Perks: Free access. Parking.

IMG-20190323-WA0013 WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 4.42.04 PM

I gave it that pricing because of the toll charges and gas. Its roughly a 1 hour drive from Kingston. You can take your own food and drinks so we stopped at Scotchies, yum.

There are no lounge chairs so take your own. I paid JMD $200 to use the shower which is annexed to the restrooms, both were in okay condition. There is a bar on the property.

This beach has gotten a bad rap because its free and the nearest beach- the first beach exiting the highway. It really does not deserve it though. I visited on a Saturday and it was not packed. My advice would be to avoid visiting on or close to public holidays, its popular for group beach trips.


Mayfield Hotel pool

Location: 4 West Kings House Close

Price: $$

Perks: Wi-Fi. Parking. Proximity- in Kingston

IMG-20190614-WA0014 IMG-20190614-WA0005

You pay JMD $1500 to get pool access, the pool has lounge chairs and garden furniture. The restroom is poor considering its a hotel, there is no changing room but there are showers with low water pressure. No towels provided. There is a bar & restaurant right next to the pool which is a bit pricey. I ordered a chicken burger with a fruit drink which cost about $2000. No food or drink is allowed inside. There is NO lifeguard on duty.

Pool is open 10 am-4 pm daily.

I am not a fan of chlorinated water but it was a very relaxing experience for me. I visited during the week and it was empty. Yaaay for me.

P.S. Be prepared to be eye f**ked by old men at the bar.


Penfield River & Falls

Location: Penfield District, Gordon Town, Saint Andrew

Price: $

Perks: Free access. It’s a river (because I love rivers). Proximity- close to Kingston.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 4.37.30 PM WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 4.37.51 PM

It’s a 15 minute drive from Papine Square tops, I promise. You park along the road and I know some persons do not like this idea so take a taxi. You hike (straight uphill) 10 minutes to visit all three falls and pools.

There are shops along the way you can purchase beverage and snacks or you can make a day of it- take your stocked cooler and a grill and have a river cookout. The community folks are very friendly.

There is no restroom or changing room facilities. Also take your garbage with you.

P.S. There is a fourth pool that few find.


Puerto Seco Beach

Location: Discovery Bay, St Ann

Price: $$$$

Perks: Adequate parking. Wi-Fi.

This was a 2 hour drive using the highway, toll charges amounted to $3000 JMD for a car. I paid $2000 JMD to be admitted on to the property which gives you access to pool and beach, an obstacle course and lounge chair. No towels provided. For an additional $1500 JMD you get a boat ride and for an unknown sum (I did not ask) you get to see the dolphins- Dolphin Cove is on the premises.

The property is really top-notch. It has a nice bar, restaurant with dining area, several outdoor showers, changing room which is separate from the posh restrooms (with I appreciate). There are many workers on the premises to assist. No food or drink is allowed. Food is a bit pricey- $400 for one Red Stripe beer, $750 for a regular hot dog with fries.

Pool closes at 5 pm and the property at 6 pm. I went on a Saturday and it was pretty pack but not so that you cannot enjoy yourself.

IMG-20190713-WA0023 IMG-20190713-WA0015



Do drop a comment below! Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Kool it down… It’s Summer

  1. Very good read! As a photographer based in Jamaica, I can testify that every bit of information here is accurate. Chandra did an exceptional job of breaking down each location.


  2. Very good read. With a busy life such as yours, it’s good when you can explore options for us the readers to also explore and learn more about the hidden gems around our island home Jamaica. Thank you for sharing Chandra!


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