I met the sea when I was 23
Considering I live on an island
It was cerulean blue; I’ll refrain from saying tacky things like, “’twas love at first sight”
‘Twas more like, “How comes I got through life without you”

Forget the fish, cocking up to take pics,
Beer in mugs, slippers and shades lavish
It’s about the swish swish, worries buried
Beneath waves olympic hue
Wind wreaking havoc, fresh locks askew
Clearing mind- detritus flew

Rarely immersed in H2O
Content walking its slope, properly awed,
Outranked; its splendour anchoring me
In belief: God the Master Physicist created this

Bliss: swirling beer, burrowing toes, snapping shots, getting tan
On beaches of lithic, silica and black sand
The sun shrinks, waves swell, arms full extend over crest
Breaking, barrelling energy ashore, perfect
Diver’s technique
I explain ‘tis no longer waves but tides
Strong backwash undermine chaise, chases
Run cream with salt flavoured water
Sending us retreating at last

Boston, Winifred, Lyssons, Bikini, Flava’s
Hellshire, Treasure, 7 Miles, San San,
Unnamed, private jump fence beach, be it white, white-grey or black
Hold on we soon reach.

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