Touring the South Coast pt. 1

I began touring the South Coast in 2013 with friends we visited YS Falls, Black River Safari,  stayed at Merrils Beach Resort in Negril and visited Rick’s Cafe. We were not able to visit the Lighthouse as it was closed for repairs. To get to YS Falls we had to drive through the famous Bamboo Avenue.

Photo 1: Bamboo Avenue


STOP #1 was YS Falls in Maggotty, unfortunately it had been raining earlier in the day so we did not get to enjoy the falls as it was dirty. The extensive grounds were beautiful, it consisted of two (2) pools, a gift shop, an eatery and a stud farm. Other activities offered on the property were zip lining and horse back riding. I was very pleased with this attraction it had so many lifeguards and the restroom/changing room facilities were divine.

Photo 2: Our shuttle to the base of the falls


Photo 3: The falls on a rainy day


Photo 4: YS Falls grounds showing warm pool & garden furniture


Photo 5: Fresh water pool at YS Falls connected to the YS River


Photo 6: The road trip group


STOP #2 took us to Black River and its morass; the whole area has a high biodiversity with mangroves, fishes, jangas, crocodiles, other plant and animal life that I was not able to identify. At the marina several tour operators were plying their trade, we selected one whose boat looked “river worthy” and offered us a reasonable price.

Photo 7: The Marina


Photo 8: Black River Morass


Photo 9: This grass species was very important for flood prevention it dominated the riverscape, it also acts as a nursery.


Photo 10: One of the many friendly crocs swimming along the boat hoping to be fed


STOP #3 The end of day one saw us booking into our boutique hotel located along the seven mile Negril beach stretch. Many independent tour operators plied their trade off this coast offering snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides etc.

Photo 11: Morning stroll along the Seven Miles Beach

While in Negril we visited Rick’s Cafe, an Italian restaurant, we had passes for Kool Runnings Water Park but did not go (still have not gone 7 years later), I think it was crowded as it was a holiday weekend, the other guys went to Margaritaville but I did not.

Photo 12: My last stop- Rick’s Cafe


Photo 13: This cliff is where the most adventurous people dive from, also the Lighthouse can be seen in the background.



Be sure to drop a comment below. Happy reading!

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