Scatter Falls & Rio Grande Rafting

Scatter Falls

Just imagine how many persons went Rio Grande rafting  and did not visit Scatter Falls. This gorgeous waterfall is a scant few minutes away; it remains rustic for now- a true gem for people like me.

This particular Advescape Travel group outing saw us travelling on the Breastworks to Windsor Road turning off onto the Fellowship to Berrymore Road to the Berrydale community from Port Antonio.

Photo 1: Entrance to Rio Grande river at Berrydale community

To get to Scatter Falls we were ‘ferried’ across the river on bamboo rafts for free, the Berrydale community continues across the river and these ferrymen were offering that service to the residents.

Photo 2: Our ferry ride

Once across the river we waited on a sizeable group to assemble (about 10 persons) before our guide started the trek, early out we encountered a makeshift bridge and a church that look non-operational.

Photo 3: The hike begins- guide is in black shirt


Photo 4: New Hope community church

The trek was about twenty (20) minutes in all. I would say the level of difficulty is about 4.5 because closer to the falls the incline became steep, it was also stony and slippery in parts. We had to cross several or the same stream meandering across our trail. It might feel like a level 6 depending on your degree of fitness, do carry a pair of sneakers.


Photos 5-7: Scatter Falls with a slightly modified plunge pool


Rafting on the Rio Grande

After chillaxing in the plunge pool we had to leave, hike back to our ferry (none too happy about that) and board the bus to the area where we would begin the rafting experience. That area was equipped with an office, restrooms and changing room facilities, we had our lunch here before boarding the rafts.

Photo 8: Boarding our bamboo rafts

I remembered rafting for well over an hour, my raft partner took the opportunity to nap away the journey. Honestly there was not much to see along the river course but I got to check it off my bucket list. The raft ride ended at Snow Hill and that location was quite nice as well although it appeared very underutilized- the souvenir shops were empty and closed. By that time it was nightfall.

Photos 9-10: Sights along the Rio Grande



Please feel free to drop a comment below. Happy reading!

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