Mountain River Cave & Thompson River Waterfalls

Mountain River Cave

Another Advescape road trip saw us in Guanaboa Vale, St Catherine; this was a decidedly smaller outing the aim of which was to visit Mountain River Cave to view the Taino drawings, enjoy the Thompson River and have a river cook-out.

The journey of course began with a hike, I honestly cannot speak to the level of difficulty as earlier in the day I had participated in the Sigma Run which had taxed me. We had to walk through private property to access the hiking trail and the walk was definitely over 20 minutes with a terrain best suited for fit individuals.

Photos 1-3: The hike begins


Photo 4: View of Thompson River from above

Once we reached the river the waterfalls was a short walk downriver but the journey to cave continued with river crossing, more rugged terrain and finally the cave which was really not spectacular. The drawings however seemed to be quite authentic, so if you are a prehistoric archaeology buff you will be ecstatic.

Photos 5-7: To the cave


Photo 8: Cave drawings

Thompson River Waterfalls

We back tracked to the Thompson River crossing and headed downriver for the waterfalls. Besides the plunge pool beneath the falls there were several delightful pools above the waterfalls (less crowded in my experience).

Our tour guides assisted with the meal preparation treating the town folks to a rare meal of starchy foods- pumpkin, banana, cocoa, yellow yam, plantain, white soft yam, cassava, sweet potato etc. from the community, not one flour dumpling in sight! It was served with curried chicken or veggie stew. With distended bellies the advescapers chilled in the river until it was time to head back to Kingston.

Photos 9-10: The waterfalls


Photos 11-12: River scenes


Feel free to drop a comment below. Happy reading!

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