Kwame Falls & Strawberry Fields Together Beach

This was another Advescape Travel Group trip which I did back in 2017 and for the first time I had three (3) friends along. The bus drove through Junction, St Mary, took the left turn at the Robert Schuman roundabout before taking the right turn onto the coastal road to Robin’s Bay. The buses parked at the Strawberry Fields Together property and our tour guides met us there. Some advescapers changed clothes (myself included), before being divided into small groups and assigned a tour guide.

Photo 1: Girls day out

IMG-20170226-WA0025 (1)

Our trek was on a fairly level road following the coast, the good thing about it was that it was up until recently being used for ATV tours which meant the terrain was good. However, the hike was well over thirty (30) minutes through tropical foliage and across several streams which meant wet footwear. The scenes along the trek were awesome I suspect the impromptu photo shoots may have made the hike seem longer.

Photos 2-3: Rugged coastline & crossing a stream



We passed a sizable river that was peek-a-booing us which exited unto a lovely black sand beach. I got several beautiful photographs here before the group disappeared inland.  This part of the hike was uphill and strenuous for tired legs; after going through thicker foliage we burst onto Kwame Falls which we slide down to, literally. The water was very cold, deep and the mosquitoes ferocious. Only a handful of advescapers braved the waters before they fashioned a bamboo floatie.

Photos 4-7: Peek-a-boo river & Kwame Falls


IMAG0182  IMAG0183


We backtracked to the beach for a lunch of brown stewed fish, rice & peas/boiled food served with coconut water. We also snacked on fried pressed plantains. After we were handsomely fed the group was understandably not happy about hiking back. My friends lingered behind to aid the tour guides with packing up the pots (really what we were doing was waiting for the supplies pick-up). We piled onto a fisherman’s boat (the pick-up) with the pots for a ride back to Strawberry Fields Together Beach. As a result we were able to dip into the sea until the hikers arrived. It was dusk when they did, the group utilized the changing room and shower facilities before boarding the buses back to Kingston.

Photos 8-9: Spontaneous boat ride & Strawberry Fields Together Beach at dusk



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