Tacky Falls

We departed home (Unity, St Andrew) at 11:30 am and arrived at Zion Hill community, St Mary at 1:36 pm. Our trajectory included driving through the Junction where the roads are being rehabilitated, taking the left at the Robert Schuman round-a-bout towards Port Maria/Ocho Rios, we took the first right after traversing the “windin windin” road onto Islington, pass Horace Clarke High taking the left at the “T” junction. We passed Hillside Primary and this is where it got sketchy we continued down the hill which we were told not to,

“Doe go dung the hill, dat tek u back to Port Maria, tek Zion Hill Road and go up and up.”

We reversed took Zion Hill road (really a track) which terminated onto a minor road that was thankfully paved, we drove until roads end. From there it was a 10-15 minute hike to Tacky Falls with the expert assistance of a local tour guide.

This hike is for able bodied persons, as the descent to the falls is very steep and slippery. The path was dizzyingly narrow considering we were walking along a ravine.

It required skating on your butt in parts… better safe than sorry

The residents told us it was pointless to visit the falls as we would not see its beauty, they said the dry fording we crossed earlier is the river,

“The falls completely dry, a well over a year no rain no fall, a whole heap of tourists we turn back.”

I had not come all this way for nothing, so we walked in a dry river bed, stood on top of the falls, peeped down, then trekked to the bottom.

What’s your opinion, did the lack of water detract from the falls beauty? I must be a ‘the glass is half full’ kind of person because I loved that I was able to stand on top of a waterfalls of this magnitude.

Getting there- Directions in Jamaica

The question was asked, do people even ask directions? To which I gave a resounding YES. The slideshow below showed our route which was pretty straight forward until we reached Islington. The leg from Islington to Tacky Falls was fraught with misinformation (so we thought) from Google Maps and residents alike.

It is important for road trippers to know that Google Maps Directions shows ALL the possible routes to your destination, the fastest route is normally highlighted unless you have adjusted route options. Directions would not account for

*Landslides/break aways

*Recent road closures/repairs

*Road surface

which would significantly alter drive time. Jamaica has one of the highest road densities in the world so it is well connected, this means that there are several routes to arriving at the same destination. It also means if you ask three passersby they will give you three different directions (and they are not wrong).

Let us add to that, the place you are trying to locate is pretty unknown, some helpful human dropped a pin (add place) to Google Maps unbeknownst to you in the wrong location, you are well and goodly lost. If the pin is not too far off your trip can be salvaged by asking directions from people.

Be open-minded and have a great trip.

Feel free to drop a comment below, like and share. Happy reading!

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