Fish Dunn Falls

This past Sunday we had an impromptu trip to Fish Dunn Falls, Portland, the drive time from home to Buff Bay was roughly one (1) hour. We stopped at a jerk spot a little outside the town and the supermarket to stack up on food supplies (bread, cups, beer, water etc.). Everybody knows water makes you famish.

The road to the waterfalls is the first right turn when exiting the town, it is narrow but in good condition. The drive time from Buff Bay to Avocat District was forty (40) minutes. We passed several narrow bridges and nice spots where we could have parked and entered the Buff Bay River but we were determined to reach the falls. Fish Dunn falls is located right beside the road under one of the many bailey bridges. This waterfalls is currently undergoing commodification, so a fence has been erected and a sturdier access route put in.

Fish Dunn is a series of three (3) pristine waterfalls, the largest being closest to the road and I daresay the most photographed (photos above).

The second falls is smaller, more private but requires climbing with the assistance of a rope.

Accessing the third and smallest falls also requires climbing without the benefit of a rope but if you’re up to the task you will have that falls to yourself and a small jacuzzi.

Third waterfall

On the way back to Buff Bay we stopped at one of the other potential spots and this gorgeous waterfalls along the road. I am really glad I braved another climb on shaky knees to the top, it was well worth it. The geology along this stretch of the road is spectacular, I saw several folds in the limestone rocks.

It is two-tiered, the photographs sequence (left to right) were taken from the road, the first then second tier. Head on over to Google Maps and my Instagram page @ms.smellie for more photos and videos.

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