Touring the South Coast pt. 2

Tour of 2015 

My second sojourn took place in 2015, we visited Lover’s Leap, Treasure Beach stayed at Buccaneer Villa and visited Pelican Bar.

The drive took a very long time as the road surface was poor. We visited Lover’s Leap first where we heard the retelling of the tale of the two ill-fated lovers. Rumor has it that these lovers who were from separate plantations wanted to get married but were forbidden to do so by their owners even though missionaries openly encouraged slave marriages. The white slave owner had lecherous interest in his female slave. The slaves decided to meet in the dead of night but were chased by the jealous slave owner whose intent was to kill the male slave (leaving the plantation without a pass was punishable by death). They both jumped to their death committing suicide cheating the slave owner out of his revenge and the body of the female slave. 

The premises also had a lighthouse which I felt the tour guide should have spoken about as it is an important part of our history.

Photo 1: View from the summit of Lover’s Leap

Lunch stop was at Treasure Beach where the fare was of course fish. We dined in an upstairs restaurant before journeying to our last stop for the day, Buccaneer Villa. 

Photo 2: Treasure Beach

The villa was artistically decorated and had access to the beach. We lazed away the weekend being fed by the chef, chillaxing in the pool and I walked the beach collecting conch shells. In the evening some advescapers got dressed and went out into the night on Yeng Yeng bikes to a street fete. I stayed behind and had the rooftop to myself. The rooftop was decorated straight out of someone’s dream complete with huge day bed, hammock and a thatch canopy. I was lulled to sleep by a blanket of stars and the sounds of the ocean.

Photo 3: Our view from the verandah of Buccaneer Villa

Photos 4-5: Pool at Buccaneer Villa & souvenir on sale by a street hawker

Early the next day we motored to Pelican Bar via a fishing boat, it was a bumpy 20 minute ride. We spent several hours swimming in the shallow (about 4 feet) waters before returning to the shore. On the last day we patronized a local craftsman selling wood turnings and then we were off to Kingston again. 

Photo 6: Pelican Bar

Tour of 2019

This tour included the Appleton Rum Estate Tour and another visit to YS Falls where it was raining again! The tour guide at Appleton Estate took us on a two-part tour, we were divided into groups and led into the theater where we watched the history of rum (Appleton Estate version) on screen before doing the walking tour. The walking tour included viewing/participating:

  1. donkey operated sugar mill 
  2. tasting sugar cane- sliced & juiced
  3. viewing & tasting crude molasses
  4. brief factory visit (no cameras allowed)
  5. viewing the rum curing house or store room 
  6. lab visit for rum tasting

The tour was rounded off with a nice meal from the canteen. This tour comes with a separate complimentary alcoholic beverage, there is a souvenir shop and antique pieces for viewing as well. 

Photo 7: Molasses tasting

Photo 8: En route to the factory

Photos 9-10: Rum & sugar cane juice tasting

We went to YS Falls after dining, however, since it was raining in the hills we were not allowed onto the property.  I was adamant on visiting YS river so we did so by jumping a fence and trespassing on private property. We enjoyed the river for about 30 minutes before the rains came in earnest. Before now unrevealed photos of YS river are below. 

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