Rio Grande Valley Adventurescape

For a few years now I have been seeing this image of a beautiful waterfall that looked like a spout and I have always wanted to go. Luckily an Instagram ad for a travel blog connected me to the right peoples for the job- Touring876 After a nice little discussion it was settled, we were booked for September 13.

This series of waterfalls is located along the Rio Grande Valley and the closest access point is the Millbank community in Portland. Due to the lengthy drive (Millbank is 1 hour away from Port Antonio & we were 3 hours drive away from Port Antonio). We decided to arrive the evening of Saturday the 12th, stayed the night and start the hike fresh in the morning.

I left home about 10:30 am stopped at the jerk man at Buff Bay and the supermarket to stock up, we stopped at a river in Spring Garden which I did not know about and ate.

River’s mouth at Spring Garden, sea in background

We drove up to the hospital in Port Antonio to get a panoramic view of the township before heading towards Millbank. All along the drive the Rio Grande and other minor rivers were peek-a-booing us and we traversed several bridges- some quite interesting. We just had to stop at this one, where some young men were fishing with home made spear guns and the makings of a river cookout was beginning.

Bridge over Rio Grande

When we got to Millbank we stopped again and checked out another spot where we chilled. Our tour guides met up with us later, we were led to our home for the weekend and much later in the night I dined on jerk chicken served with roasted yellow-heart breadfruit.

The next morning we were up early so we decided to visit another waterfall we were told about last night. This is where our tour guides met us and we had breakfast which for me was jerk wild hog served with Coronation hardo bread.

First & Second Waterfalls (What I call)

We hopped into a Toyota Hillux for a short drive to roads end, we walked across the Rio Grande river and was shortly upon our first waterfall. This is where I ditched my bottled water, the water from these falls tasted much better. The first wash-off aside we hike for like 30 minutes up a steep incline that really taxed me, I was amazed to see farms so far up the Blue & John Crow Mountains. After cresting the hill, it was a slippery downhill to the second waterfall, the mosquitoes here were especially nasty and we did not stay long.

Third thru Sixth Waterfalls

We hiked the mountainside in part and walked through the river (whichever was easier) to get to the next waterfall which I called the third. Since rain had started to fall we did not stay long here as I was adamant in seeing my waterfall. This was admittedly the hardest part of the hike, the extremely steep incline was soggy, the soil loose and by this time I was sure we were very high in the mountains. I preserved and met the final waterfall for the day which was about 11:30 am.

It turned out that the third waterfall was “my waterfall” they had cleared away the bushes so on the day it looked different. I am not mad through I got to see three more.

We hiked down much slower because me mash-up so too were our tour guides as they all been doing back-to-back tours all week. By 1 pm we were back home with tonnes of pictures to show you; for videos just follow me on Instagram

I must caution that this tour is a local community tourism venture, it is more suitable for able-bodied persons who like the rush of arduous outdoor activities.

Feel free to drop a comment below, please share & like. Happy reading!

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