River Bingeing in Westmoreland

Prior to this trip I made a list of places I wanted to visit in Westmoreland then I grouped them together in a bundle of sorts. I had the entire itinerary planned out and this river binge was to be covered by a two-night stay in a rustic cabin Airbnb. Unfortunately a few days prior to the getaway our accommodation was cancelled due to the recent spike in covid-19 cases and for a second I was left in limbo. However, a friend of a friend graciously hooked us up with a house near Savanna-la-Mar which was even more strategically located for us to hit up all our spots on our Ultimate Westmoreland River Binge List.

These places are easy to find once you plug them into Google Maps so I won’t waste time giving any directions. NOTE do not ask anyone for directions, lol, they are even more lost than you. So without further ado…

I climbed both Benta River & Mayfield River Falls as the respective tour guides simply insisted we must. Earlier rains had made the rivers quite vigorous so the climb was quite challenging. Both rivers boasted caves where swimmers would disappear beneath the river to explore. Similarly both properties had extensive grounds ideal for family or group outings; we paid $1000 and $700 for admission and had the entire property to ourselves.

When we got to Roaring River which was free of charge, we had company which turned into a crowd by early afternoon. Lloyd, a local tour guide offered us a tour to the head of the river (for a charge) which I declined. I was averse to climbing any more falls or hiking plus the rain was pouring.

We ended the day by hitting up a food spot and driving to Grange Hill to visit a friend, all in a day.

Other Mentionables

After a long drive from Kingston it was only fitting that we “wet our foot,” so that’s exactly what we did by the roadside at Sweet River located in Ferris Cross. Even in the late afternoon this river was surprisingly cool, it is used as a bathing spot as well.

Shewsbury Falls greeted us, a pleasant surprise, en route to Roaring River right by the roadside. It warranted a quick photo stop.

While we were at Benta River Farm the tour guide took us to the spot where three rivers met, Benta, Cabarita & Crab River if my memory serves me correct, this confluence is shown on slide three. I can’t say that I’ve seen many confluences and this is the first time I’ve seen the meeting point of three rivers.

Our tour encapsulated all of Georges Plain which is blessed to be traversed by many rivers both great and small several of which were not named. On our way home we simply had to stop and capture this one (slide 4).

I hope you enjoy reading this posting, please comment, like & share. Happy reading!

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