Photobooks with Mixbook!

If you are anything like me you probably have thousands of photos in your Google Photos and Drive. Back in the day when printing photographs were costly I got in the habit of storing photographs on thumbdrives and folders on my computer and the trend has continued.

One outing for me would yield upwards of 500 photos from which I’d chose the best 10 to print; but then there were the look oh so awesome candids that didn’t make the cut which end up on my cloud somewhere. Just to give you an idea of the amount of photos I have – I’m paying Google for storage.

So I recently found out on The University of YouTube that Google has a photobook for $20. It is perfect binded and has a limited number of pages (which you can customize & pay more). All you have to do is watch a simple tutorial, get the know how then go ahead drag & drop your memories from wherever they are stored into your book. Google will then ship this book out to you for a cost (No shipping to Jamaica so you know the third-party courier drill).

I’m all amped up and ready to go but there’s a glitch with Google, I’m not sure if they’ve geo-blocking me or it’s a genuine glitch, you go ahead and try then lemme know. I ended up using Mixbook. They are tonnes of other companies online that provide this service just pick the one that suits you best.

The user interface for Mixbook is pretty foolproof, I got a 50% discount as a new customer. Shipping time is similar to Amazon’s and you should allow a week for printing.

This is what my photobook looks like. Don’t be judgy this is my first attempt.

Why are photobooks great?

  1. Everytime you access your digital photos the quality degenerates overtime, they will not look the same. P.S. TIFF and PDF are the best versions to store your digital photos
  2. Printing is still the way to go. The downside to printing is storage and how well the photographs hold up over time.
  3. Long-term quality. I live in a pretty humid environment, photographs sweat and mildew. Photographs in albums and picture frames are at high risk of being damaged beyond repair. They also do not do well with direct exposure to sunlight.
  4. Storage. I find albums to be bulky and bothersome especially those with the spirals that rust.
  5. Photobooks are cheap! They solve all of the above problems. It is robust, it can withstand the wear & tear just select the hardcover option and you can pop it on the bookshelf. Always remember you get what you pay for and good quality photos in equals good quality photos out.
  6. It’s fun, almost anyone can do it
  7. Think about gift ideas, the possibilities are really endless!
  8. A lot of photographers give clients digital photographs which you probably print yourself, why not try this route?

If you try this option in archiving your memories, let us know! Also remember to comment, like and share this post!

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